The Infineight Network.

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Originally founded by Tops, formally TopStiGear, as a Mixer streaming team with the aim to assemble a network of collaborative creators and communities as a base to expand and grow together. Since the fall of Mixer and former members leaving the creative field to pursue other endeavors, Infineight has pivoted its outlook to diversify and open up to all creative platforms.

Through this, we have built a truly global network of apparel and accessory production, sale, and distribution network to allow our creators and business partners access to high-quality, competitively priced merchandise for their fans to treasure.

The Infineight Network continues to grow, with new creators, industry, and business connections enabling us to teach, build and collaborate as a community.

Infineight Partnerships.

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The creative industry and world are forever growing and adapting with time and we at Infineight understand how this can affect an individual’s physical and mental health.

This is why we have teamed up with Safe In Our World as Infineights Nominated Charity.

Safe In Our World is a charity organization that aims to Spread Mental Health Awareness within the video games industry and beyond and to assist in helping individuals to understand and identify symptoms, their signs, and any related challenges so they are better equipped to help others in a proactive and educated manner.

Find out more about Safe In Our World at